Brain Fog

5 Top Tips for Clearing the Brain Fog!

It happens to many of us sometimes; that foggy state where, no matter how hard we try, we just can’t focus on a task or bring to the front of our mind information we know is in there somewhere! Here are a few ideas that could help when you’re feeling a bit foggy or struggling to focus, that don’t involve a massive cup of coffee.

Move: Get the blood pumping with a short burst of moderate exercise, (don’t jump straight into something intense without warming up!). Walk up and down the stairs a couple of times, march around the garden or do 20 star jumps or squats.

Mediate: Even just a few minutes of closing your eyes and removing yourself from distractions can help clear the fog. There are tonnes of quick meditations on YouTube or the Headspace app. Give it a go!

Smell: Spritzing or warming an Essential Oil could help snap you into a more present state of mind. Plus, you’ll be more likely to breathe deeply, getting in all the oxygen you need to concentrate.

Nourish: Check in on when you last ate something or drank water. It’s very easy to lose track when we are busy, busy, busy! A dip in blood sugar or even mild dehydration can make it difficult to think clearly.

Music: Put on a song that lights you up and dance around to it. The exercise will help and it could totally lift your energy!

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