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Fiona is a busy working mum who came to me wanting to progress from running 2 to 3 miles to running 10km at a nippier pace, non-stop. With my coaching and her determination and consistent effort, Fiona exceeded her expectations.

Fiona says:

I have gained so much from Louise’s coaching, since first joining her ‘Work It Circuit’ classes back in 2018 and then having Personal Training with her throughout 2019. Before I started the classes I had never lifted a kettlebell but I loved it and quickly bought my own. Louise is so motivating and pushed me to new limits so I felt I could achieve what I hadn’t before, including running my first marathon!

Through Personal Training with Louise I hugely improved my fitness, including endurance and strength, and gained so much body confidence. With her encouragement, I moved on from my PT sessions to become a proud member of Heyl CrossFit and I absolutely love it.

Thank you, Lou!

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