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Liz is a fabulous mum of two with a full-on career in the NHS, who has been on a post-natal journey back to fitness. Liz had some Personal Training with me, to gauge her fitness & core strength and understand how to resume regular exercise safely & effectively on her own.

Liz says:

Lou was brilliant in helping me start out on my postpartum exercise journey. I was so nervous and had no idea where to start, but Lou created a bespoke exercise plan so everything was really safe and graded to my level. Plus, she could totally relate to my concerns having been through this twice herself.

I couldn’t even do a side plank at the beginning, but with Lou’s encouragement I felt confident about what I could achieve, plus all her knowledge around nutrition and holistic wellness was invaluable! Lou has been cheerleading me on ever since and I have gone from strength to strength all thanks to the fantastic foundations that were set.

Thank you, Lou!

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